The Krakowski Klaster Filmowy (Krakow Film Cluster) is an association of professional companies, organizations and experienced individual creators operating in the Małopolska region film industry. It is also a platform for exchanging information, promotional, education and innovation actions.


Full range of production, filming and post-production services


The Cluster’s range of services covers all stages of film production. Collaboration with the Cluster enables effective execution of films in Małopolska. Its service offer is addressed towards foreign producers and Polish ones from outside the region. Members of the Cluster include rental houses which offer professional filming equipment, production companies which can join international projects as co-producers, as well as line producers who will lead the production in the region as part of the production service. The Cluster also includes companies offering professional casting, selection of set locations, works in the area of building decorations or image and sound post-production. The Cluster is a production conglomerate which, thanks to its members, is able to execute any film project in the south of Poland. We ensure a comprehensive production service, as well as single services by specific companies.



Support in developing a project


The Cluster is eager to collaborate in development of a project from the very onset of its idea. We offer assistance in polishing the script, preparing production packages and acquiring filming funds. We encourage you to submit your feature film scripts and ideas for documentaries. We offer collaboration with smaller, as well as large scale projects.



Multimedia Laboratory


Multimedia Laboratory – an initiative of the Krakow Technology Park within the “Małopolska Information Technology Park”. The primary function of the facility is production and post-production of films and audiovisual effects using high-powered computing units and specialized software. It features:

• 26 workstations using the highest quality monitors (also reference monitors); 8-10 producer workstations;

• a room for pre-screening of produced visual materials with a professional color correction, as well as post-production and sound workstation – Showroom.

• an FX room – a multifunctional room which will feature a motion capture system, green screen (cyclorama), photography workstation, 3D scanner, together with a possibility to carry out sound recordings.

The rent offer on preferential conditions can be used by editors, special effects professionals and sound engineers. The MultiLab is an offer directed primarily towards foreign producers looking for less expensive methods of post-production. It also enables remote work for local.

Krakow Film Cluster

ul.Podole 60

30-394 Kraków

nr tel: 12 640 19 50

General Director of Krakow Film Cluster

Aneta Zagórska



Production Department

Aneta Zagórska


Postproduction Department

Marcin Lech


Service and Rental Department

Bartłomiej Gocał


Organizations and Independent Artists Department

Sylwia Kicka


Public Relations and Marketing

Ewa Szkudlarek

phone: +48 601 306 992



Cluster Coordinator

Krakowski Park Technologiczny sp. z o.o.

(Krakow Technology Park)


ul.Podole 60

30-394 Kraków

Sąd Rejonowy dla Krakowa Śródmieścia

KRS nr 0000058058

NIP: 675-11-57-834 REGON: 351381295

kapitał zakładowy: 17.567.000,00 zł



Chairman of the Board, Kraków Technology Park

Wojciech Przybylski


Coordinator from Krakow Technology Park

Urszula Woźniak


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